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One Blood Wins Again!!

Whoo hoo!!!!

Was that too loud? Well, I'm not sorry. I LOVE winning. I dreamed of these moments every day as I poured my soul into my manuscript. And I'm celebrating!

This award is quite special to me - 1) because it is the last award contest I entered , 2) because it was judged by a select group of librarians and booksellers from around the country, and 3) because it was announced at the American Librarians Association annual conference in conjunction with the Foreword Reviews 2012 Book of the Year contest. This contest received 1,300 entries from more than 600 publishers and out of 5 finalists in the Horror category, ONE blood took home the gold medal!

That makes One Blood a 10 time award winner. I would have been satisfied with one award. Ten is an embarrassment of riches and I am humbled and grateful to all the readers and reviewers who have decided to bestow such accolades on my debut novel.

So I scream again...WHOO HOO!!!!

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