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The End of an Era

Well maybe not an era, but definitely a solid block of time...

I've been living near NYC since October 2008. I moved there after a two-year stint in Sao Paulo Brazil and I can recall the joy that came with returning home to the US. I was ready to settle down and stop moving for a while. Slow everything down and enjoy life a little bit more.

Over the next four years, I changed careers, launched a publishing company and consulting company, published my first novel, and fell in and out of love a few times. I enjoyed the company of relatives who stayed with me for extended periods of time while going through their own trials and tribulations. I experimented and failed. Lost and won. I learned.

Now, a few weeks after the birth of 2013, I write this from unfamiliar ground. Toward the back half of 2012, I received a unique opportunity to relocate to Istanbul, Turkey for a few years. To uproot myself from my relatively cozy surroundings, pull out my ever-growing roots and take my show back on the road.

It's an exciting, frustrating, maddening time. I don't speak the language, don't know the customs, and have to adjust all my habits. Still, a wise person told me many years ago that if you are not uncomfortable, you are not growing. So here I am. A seed. Waiting for water. Ready to sprout leaves once again and maybe even a few roots!

Stay tuned!

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